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Since 2013, Berg Compliance Solutions has helped many small Texas construction companies manage their health and safety compliance and then we decided to start a new company focused on helping small general contractors. Here’s why…..

Russell Carr, Founder & Principal

Most small general contractors lack the expertise and time needed to navigate the complicated mess of OSHA health and safety regulations, leaving them vulnerable to costly injuries, fines, and lawsuits. Texas General Contractor Safety Consulting delivers compliance programs to help our clients get peace of mind knowing they are fully compliant and positioned for success.

“Partnering with us is like having your own health and safety department, but at a fraction of the cost of staffing a full time employee.”

Is managing project safety really that important? At Texas General Contractor Safety Consulting, we know you want to be known in your industry for building a “best in class” company. In order to do that, you need the peace of mind knowing your company and projects are OSHA compliant.

The problem is – navigating these complex and ever-changing regulations is extremely confusing. As a small company, you and your team are already stretched thin, and the thought of navigating the complicated mess of compliance laws across multiple projects, can be flat out overwhelming. But as you know, the cost of making mistakes with compliance is even greater. Failure to keep up leaves you vulnerable to massive fines, serious employee injuries, and serious legal problems.

Did you know that GCs can be fined for subcontractor violations, and often are?

This risk is made worse by the fact that the construction process creates some of the most deadly workplace hazards of all industries, including falls from heights, “struck-by” hazards, electrocutions and more.

Not to mention the fact that many small subcontractors pay little, if any attention to safety.

This is why OSHA targets GCs and small construction projects and issues more fines and penalties to this industry, than just about any other sector.

“If you find yourself confused by safety laws or suspect that you might be doing it wrong – you are not alone.”

My name is Russell Carr, Founder of Texas General Contractor Safety Consulting.

During my career as a small business owner and entrepreneur, I owned and operated 3 small contracting businesses which exposed my employees to major health and safety hazards on a daily basis. While we never experienced any serious employee injuries, I was cited by OSHA & suffered other related losses and problems including skyrocketing Workers Compensation Premiums and lost business opportunities due to my own safety program mistakes.

I don’t want this to happen to you.

I’ve also spent much of my life and career serving GCs of all kinds, and the first were small home builders who bought bathroom fixtures & plumbing supplies from our family business many years ago. I made many deliveries to their projects throughout high school, college and in my early career. Those were great early memories that I’ll never forget and taught me how interesting this industry is and how vital it is to our economy. Since then I’ve had the honor of serving many more construction clients and projects over the years.

And as I mentioned, the construction process creates some of the toughest safety challenges & risks of any sector.

That’s why I founded Texas General Contractor Safety Consulting, a new kind of consulting company dedicated to helping this vital industry manage OSHA compliance and risk in the most comprehensive and cost effective way possible.

To learn how we can you design a custom-tailored GC safety program for your business, schedule a free consultation today.

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John King Construction:
As a Commercial General Contractor safety is a huge priority. We can sleep at night with Berg managing our Safety Program, they have been world class from day one!”
Brandon Parker, Owner of SCI Constrution:
We’ve been working with Berg for years due to their ongoing and knowledgeable support at a phone call’s notice, willingness to handle larger out of town projects & local smaller projects with a budget conscious approach.“.”

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